I care about my ethnicity… do you?

My career goal is to go into journalism with an emphasis in broadcasting. I hope to see myself one day giving the local news, having my own radio station, or thinking even larger, I hope to see myself on a network such as NBC. With wanting to work in media there will be plenty encounters where my ethnic would be a topic of conversation.

My racial identity is Hispanic and with that I take great pride.

I am very thankful that I can speak both English and Spanish. I am choosing to go into a career path that deals with many different cultures and people, where being bilingual is very important and brings great opportunities. I see my racial identity as being something very fortunate In my life because I have been exposed to more than just one language. I would like possibly one day I could even work as a news translator or do news reportings in different Spanish speaking countries! On an educational stand point my racial identity only pushing me to discover more about it so I can become even more aware to who I am. However it was not easy when I was younger. At a young age I found that people would categorized me by my looks. I often got casted In school plays as a role based off of what my ethnicity was or for school gatherings I would be asked to bring Hispanic foods to contribute. But also growing up I enjoyed taking Spanish in elementary school and high school because it gave me a chance to understand the other half of my identity. I now have no issues with holding confidence in my ethnical background that even on a mission trip to Peru with my church, my ability to speak Spanish was in great use when I became the translator at all the work sites I went to! The University I attended offers great opportunities within journalism where I can use my ability to speak two languages at my advantage to achieve my goals, not many people going into journalism think about how speaking more than one language helps. I can study abroad in places such as Spain and embrace speaking Spanish but also still be achieving my academic goals.

I can impact the communities I am part of by sharing the culture of my ethnicity.

Through given the possibly to inspire others to dig deeper into their roots of who they are and use that to achieve their goals can make a difference. Or even better I can show how having confidence in your racial Identity will only help you and is something more people should take pride in! 

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