About the Writer

Welcome to my Reality! My name is Kendra Curry and I am a college student studying News Journalism and Magazine Media with a minor in graphic design at Drake University. Originally from Arizona I chose to attend college in Iowa for many reasons but most importantly to meet people from different places with different perspectives. Or I as I tell myself I moved here for my own reality check!

I chose to study News Journalism and Magazine Media because my dream career would be to work in the media industry. My ultimate goal is to be a reporter for a criminal investigation show such as Dateline or 60 minutes. Being able to share the stories of those who should to be heard is something I feel very passionate about. I have found that my major allowed me to have experience in both reporting but also the ever changing side of digital media. I hope to see myself some day living the journalist dream of living in an upscale apartment in New York making the dash to get coffee and catching the subway just in time to make it to early meetings! I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for me within my last year of college and starting my career in media! 

As for what exactly Superior Reality Check is the best way to describe it would be exactly what it sounds like. Moving to the Midwest has opened my mind from being so used to a certain social culture. Moving away from familiarity and a busy city that I knew so well has been the best decision I’ve ever made. You will read and hear about my journey but also anything from serious topics to more casual fun conversations. Even the occasional special guest writing from some of friends and professionals!

The idea of a ” Superior Reality ” is best described as realizing a new perspective. Through these aimless conversations I’ve had with friends within college and through various news stories I’ve done I have gained a whole new mindset. I hope you enjoy these blog conversations and podcasts I consider “the superior reality”, and feel free to engage in the conversations.